Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To be free from worry means to have the power to change negative into positive.

Message for the day 06-03-2011
To be free from worry means to have the power to change negative into positive.

Projection: It is easy to worry about something when it doesn't work out according to our expectations. We are then not able to think properly. Our discrimination and decision making capability is also affected. Then it becomes impossible to think of the solution and the mind is only filled with worry.

Solution: When I am free from worry, I constantly remain satisfied for having seen the positive and finding the solutions immediately instead of looking at the problem and worrying over it. This internal silence gives the feeling of power, which naturally enables transformation in a second and only the goodness is absorbed.

Soul Sustenance 06-03-2011

Important Understandings On Reincarnation

1. The soul has a separate identity from any of the bodies it adopts.

2. The human soul does not take a birth/body of any animal species, just as a lemon seed does not grow into a mango tree. The human soul always takes a human body e.g. if the soul of a cow was to take the birth of a human, wouldn't it carry 'sanskars' of performing all actions like a cow into its human birth – how would it then function through the human body.

3. The various lives or births of a soul are like different episodes of a television serial, all different, yet connected with each other.

4. The cycle of action and reaction is never-ending. The soul must continue to play its entire role until all it has received the fruits for all its actions. This may require more than one body.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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