Thursday, March 10, 2011

To be free from weakness means to have the power to mould.

Message for the day 09-03-2011
To be free from weakness means to have the power to mould.

Projection: We do have certain weaknesses within us which makes it difficult for us to mould according to the needs of the situation. The weakness within us creates hardness and rigidity not allowing the situations to create internal beauty. So when we are working with our own weakness, we find it difficult to stop the negativity from being expressed immediately. The weakness is revealed inspite of making effort not to and there is unpleasantness created.

Solution: To have the ability to mould means to become real gold. I become as flexible and beautiful as pure gold, which is ready to take beautiful shapes when it comes under the influence of the heat of the situation. So I have no hard feelings for having to adjust, but I am able to enjoy the beauty I create and the joy I spread.

Soul Sustenance 09-03-2011

Accessing Spiritual Power

At the core of the soul there is pure, spiritual power of peace, love, truth and non-dependent happiness. This power provides us with the inner strength needed to change. But how do we access this power? Meditation is the method – it allows this power to come to the surface of our consciousness and into our minds to color our thoughts, feelings and personality. In much the same way as hot, molten lava flows from the core of the Earth to the surface through a volcano, we can create volcanoes of spiritual power when we meditate. Note, though, that we want to use our power in a positive way: we are not seeking the kind of power that is physical in nature and may cause damage, we are seeking spiritual power.

When we get access to our own personal source of the power of peace, love and happiness, we essentially become free of any dependency on external sources for feelings of the same. When we generate our own feelings of love and self-respect, we stop being dependent on others and our addiction to their acceptance and approval reduces and finally disappears. When we generate our own feelings of contentment and joy within ourselves, we become free from the need for substances, places or physical experiences in order to be happy.

Using this inner power in the right way allows us to uproot or remove completely the old negative habits within our personality. Any unwanted habit can be changed and the scars of all the negative habits, which have developed within the soul over a long period of time, during the journey of birth and rebirth, can be healed in a short time span.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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