Saturday, March 19, 2011

The one desire for perfection ends all other desires.

Message for the day 17-03-2011
The one desire for perfection ends all other desires.

Projection: Normally our life is filled with desires. One desire is fulfilled and ten others take its place. When these desires are not fulfilled, we tend to get disturbed or upset. Yet we justify our desires and feel that they are necessary for us. Life for us is filled with constant expectations and disappointments coming from unfulfilled desires.

Solution: The desire for perfection brings the capacity to keep on learning from all situations. There is something new to learn so I experience constant progress. Since the mind is busy with bringing about perfection, there is no time for waste and negative. I have the ability to transform negative to positive. I have no thought about what I have to get, but continue to attain from each moment and each situation. I am then naturally free from all other desires, yet experience progress.

Soul Sustenance 17-03-2011

Meditation - A Process Of "Cleansing", "Dialogue" And "Joining" (cont.)

Meditation can be defined as a process of cleansing, a process of dialogue and a process of joining. Today we take up:


In Greek, the word "meditation" is translated as "dialogismos", from which comes the English word dialogue. Meditation is a dialogue with oneself, with the true self; a very necessary process for developing self-knowledge and accumulating inner strength.

The basis of spiritual dialogue with oneself is introspection. Introspection is the ability to examine and change oneself, as one wants to or should do. Without a consistent re-evaluation of our attitudes and thought models, negative habits easily dominate our consciousness. A healthy dialogue with our inner selves means that we interact positively with others, without being trapped or lost in ourselves. Introspection involves being an observer: observing and not reacting to situations or people with negative emotions such as anger, hate, fear, resentment and jealousy. Being detached observers helps us conserve our inner energy and keeps us spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy.

(To be continued tomorrow….)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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