Friday, March 25, 2011

Lightness comes when words are accurate.

Message for the day 25-03-2011
Lightness comes when words are accurate.

Projection: Normally when we want to convey something to others, we tend to use a lot of words for it. Yet we find many times that our feelings are not conveyed. Then there is a tendency to use more words, creating a negative impact on others, sometimes even hurting others' feelings. Also they don't bring about accurate result.

Solution: Accurate words means there is nothing extra spoken. Such words being short are sweet to hear too and are those that never hurt others. When my words are to the point, there is a lot of lightness experienced within me and my physical energy is saved too. Others too experience benefit through my words and so I naturally get blessings from them, which helps me move forward with lightness.

Soul Sustenance 25-03-2011

Crossing Negative Circumstances/Situations (cont.)

In order to have a wider perception and not to drown in any negative situation i.e. not to get affected by it, you can position yourself in a positive way. Instead of losing respect for the self and developing a negative consciousness, if you make your consciousness positive and stabilize yourself in respect towards yourself, in maintaining your positive and powerful self-esteem and a healthy distance (not necessarily physical distance, but rather by not letting the situation absorb you), you will be able to have an eagle's vision. From above, everything looks smaller. It is easier to get over something small. You can. "I am a victorious soul" or "I am a destroyer of obstacles" are examples of positive consciousness.

Whatever happens, it is important to always be aware that you create your thoughts and you allow the situations to have greater or lesser impact inside you, according to how you see them. Learn to create thoughts full of courage, trust and determination. Spirituality and the practice of meditation helps you do just that. Those thoughts, charged with positive energy, will help you to allow each situation to pass; to really overcome it and leave it behind; for it not to remain alive in your thoughts or in your memory.

With the power of a mind that creates thoughts full of good energy, wherever you go, you will create a pleasant atmosphere.Your vibrations will create spaces full of beauty, love, trust and peacefulness; spaces where all those who enter will remove their masks and will connect again with their true self.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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