Friday, March 4, 2011

To understand the importance of the treasure of thoughts is to make them powerful.

Message for the day 02-03-2011
To understand the importance of the treasure of thoughts is to make them powerful.

Projection: We do pay special attention to keep our actions good and worthy. We also have a good amount of attention on our words. But we hardly ever think of our thoughts. When certain thoughts become repetitive they tend to have a hold over us.

Solution: It is important for me to keep a practice of having positive thoughts. When I have this practice of positivity, there is power in my thoughts. Each and every thought becomes a treasure from which I can draw a lot. My words and actions, then automatically become powerful too.

Soul Sustenance 02-03-2011

Spirituality In Practice (Self Introspection)

On the screen of your mind, make an appraisal (note) of what has happened throughout the past week…

Think about the awareness that you have had of yourself… think about the actions you have taken…Have they been based on a positive consciousness of yourself? Can you see the intentions behind your actions? Are they pure and positive?

Now, slowly and gently, I focus on my inner self… I observe myself… Does my life carry meaning and a purpose… Is there learning and growth at each step?

Do I possess inner strength… Am I able to use powers like the power to tolerate, power to co-operate, power to face in my everyday actions and experience success at every step… If so, do I feel strong and secure…

Do I remain in self-respect and as a result respect others… Do I love myself and have good wishes for each one that I interact with…

Do I feel calm and at peace… free to experience my inner qualities… Are my qualities visible through my actions…

And now, for a few moments, I am going to create feelings of peace and serenity for others… I am going to share thoughts and feelings of peace with others… this is practical spirituality…

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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