Thursday, September 13, 2012

A single step taken with courage brings a thousand fold help from God

Message for the day 

A single step taken with courage brings a thousand fold help from God.

Projection: If there is fear due to which we are not able to take the first step, we will never be able to achieve big things. Even if something looks impossible, with a single step of courage it can be made possible and we will then be able to receive maximum help. God of course doesn't do our work but he does the work of giving us help.

Solution: Let me start with something new after surrendering it to God not just as a ritual, but with firm faith in my mind that I will receive His help. When I do this, help will surely come from some or the other means.

Soul Sustenance

Understanding And Expressing Your Potential (cont.)

A person with a free mind (discussed yesterday) can use all of their creative capacity in order to live out their dreams.

To use one's creative capacity fully means:

• Being aware of the power of the imagination and channeling it in a constructive way.

• Being able and to be open to discovering and to learning.

• Becoming aware and dissolving self-limiting beliefs.

• Being attracted by excellence, embracing the experiences of superior quality and letting go of the desires and experiences of lesser quality.

• Having good discrimination power thanks to which one has a good power of decision.

• Having the will power and discipline to apply decision.

• Having the courage to be different and to overcome obstacles.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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