Friday, September 21, 2012

The one way to change others is to deal with them with love.

Message for the day 

Projection: When you have love for others, you will have good wishes for them. Your desire to change them will then be for their good and not for your own selfishness. Others will quickly respond to your unselfish love and you will find them changing.

Solution: Think of one person you want to bring about a change in. Before you think of changing that person let there be a lot of love for that person in your mind. Also make sure the change you want in the other person is for his own good and not for your own selfish reason.

Soul Sustenance 

Self Esteem

Self-esteem comes when I really value myself: When I place value on myself, then others, too, will value me. When I don't value myself, how can I expect others to value me? If I continuously put myself down, saying 'I'm no good' or 'I am not capable', other people who hear this will start believing it. So what do I do? The key word is 'consciousness'. As I start to become make my consciousness positive by creating positive thoughts many times in the day about myself like “I am the most fortunate soul in the universe” or “I am a victorious soul, I cannot experience failure in any step in life” or “I am a self sovereign soul, ruler of my sense organs” or “I am a destroyer of obstacles” or “I am a spiritual rose flower who spreads the fragrance of divine qualities” or similar thoughts, I become spiritually alert, then I am in a position to start valuing my life and as I start valuing myself, I develop self-confidence. The effect of this is that I start valuing others, understanding that everyone has their own position: not higher or lower, just different. Each one's uniqueness has its value.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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