Saturday, September 15, 2012

To maintain courage and faith is to ensure victory.

Message for the day 

Projection: To believe in one's own victory is to give ourselves the wings and the strength to fly. With just this belief we will have the courage to work on our obstacles with ease and win over them.

Solution: Before I restart anything that I had failed in before or even when I start a new important task, I need to make sure that I tell myself that I am victorious. When I remind myself again and again that 'victory is my birthright', I will automatically get the courage to succeed.

Soul Sustenance

Improving The Quality Of Different Areas Of My ‘Karmas’

Karma yoga (experiencing meditation in practical life situations) functions in two ways:

• By filling the self with power, the transformation of action is possible. This in turn brings about change in my ‘sanskars’.
• By absorbing the qualities of the Supreme Being my ‘sanskars’ change.

It's necessary to experiment with this to discover its validity. On one level, whatever I have done, I have to receive the return for that but, on another level, just simply pure love for God is the factor that purifies, cleanses and forgives. Whatever my past karma may have been, the fire of God's love, the fire of a powerful connection with Supreme is able to resolve it and remove its impact from within the soul itself, in terms of negative personality ‘sanskars’ and also in terms of negative karmic effects in real life situations. Thus it can be seen ‘why’ yoga or the union of love with God is so crucial.

If one looks at the whole pattern of human life, there are four areas of ‘karma’ which need to be improved:

• Karma that I perform for myself, for my own sustenance and upkeep.
• Karma that I perform with or for others in terms of relationships.
• Karma that I perform, not out of need or necessity, but for leisure or entertainment.
• Karma that I perform as service of others.

In the next three messages, we shall explain how we can improve these four areas of ‘karma’.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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