Friday, September 14, 2012

Determination can change even opposition and make things happen right.

Message for the day

Projection: When we are able to create faith and determination in whatever we have taken up, then automatically hurdles become opportunities. We will then receive cooperation from others making the task successful.

Solution: Each day I need to spend some time to check all those aspects that did not turn out right. Then I also need to see whether there has been a lack of determination in any of those tasks. If so, let me place in front of me the aim and its attainments and fill myself with determined feelings to accomplish the task.

Soul Sustenance 

To Be Aware But Not Judgemental

On the path of Raja Yoga meditation (taught by the Brahma Kumaris) there is a saying, "See, but don't see! Hear, but don't hear!" which means to remain aware of all realities, including the negative, but not to focus on them. We get caught up in the negative because we react and the reactions are expressed in the form of judgements, accusations, criticism, or labelling. As soon as we judge or criticise, we put everything into convenient boxes and, just as convenience foods are not always so healthy, such conveniences at the mental and attitudinal level are a great danger, because we mentally seal (close) the fate (destiny) of the person or situation: they are like this and so must be treated accordingly. Unfortunately, this is often done in an unconscious way, which is why Raja Yoga meditation is used to bring such attitudes and behaviours to the surface, conscious awareness.

When our vision and attitude remain judgemental or critical, they do so because there is no input of positivity from the self to encourage or allow a positive change.

There cannot be a positive output when there is a negative input.

We often work in this way, wanting others to be better in some way, but, instead of helping them, or having faith in them and seeing their good qualities, we hinder (obstruct) them by concentrating on their past, their weaknesses and their mistakes. Our focus is completely negative, but still we expect them to change for the better!

When our awareness is more detached, rather than focusing on what is wrong, we look at how we can put something right by contributing a positive feeling, or attitude. This anonymous (not known to anyone) contribution is a generous act, which offers a solution, instead of the usual complaints by critical and judgemental people.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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