Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maturity is to bring positive thoughts into practice.

Message for the day 

Projection: We do have a number of thoughts that we would like to put into practice. Most of the times it doesn't happen that way and they remain merely thoughts. True maturity lies in instantly bringing such thoughts into practice. When we determine in this way, we are able to use our full potential.

Solution: Let me think of something that I wanted to do, but could not put into practice. Now let me take this thought once again and see why it is important for me to bring it into practice. Once I understand this I will be able to put it into practice. With maturity let me do things immediately. The one slogan that is good to remember is 'Now or never'.

Soul Sustenance 

Discover Your Inner Mentor (Guide) – A Meditation

If you can become your own mentor (guide), a mentor that you would always have liked to have, then you will experience life as an exciting adventure. What would happen if you had someone in your life that walked with you each step of your way, loved you unconditionally and supported you without putting conditions, even when you were wrong? What would happen if you felt absolutely safe, secure, cared for and loved? Would you be more willing to accept the challenges that life brings forth in front of you? Would you take on your life with greater responsibility and confidence?

Your internal mentor is a part of you and is always present, always kind, always loves you, is always there for you. If you still haven't met it, take a moment to guide yourself through this meditation exercise:

1. Relax your body and allow yourself to be fully present, here, reading these words, listening to the sounds around you, feeling what you feel. Read slowly!
2. Now send love to each part of your body: your feet, your lungs, your back, your face, your eyes, your nose, until you feel the love from your feet to your head.
3. Now send love to each thought that appears on the screen of your mind, visualize how your energy is concentrated at the inner part of the centre of your forehead. See the screen of your mind, and try to make each thought that you generate full of the energy of love that is slowly invading you. The energy of love is present in each thought that appears in your mind.
Love what you yourself create: each thought.
4. By practicing the above exercise, you emerge ‘sanskars’ inside yourself of giving unconditional love and support to your own self. This is a way to awaken your inner mentor. As you practice spending time with yourself in this way, you will start to see that your insecurity and your fears begin to disappear and new possibilities open up in front of you.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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