Saturday, September 1, 2012

To be sincere is to win the trust of all.

Message for the day

Projection: When there is sincerity, words and actions will become equal. We will only do what we say and say what we can do. Because of this sincerity we will continue to receive love and regard from everyone, and more importantly their trust.

Solution: Let me take up one thing that I have not been able to fulfill and today I need to take up this thought that I will do it. With this sincerity when I tell myself that I have the power within, it makes my words and actions equal.

Soul Sustenance 

The Stage Of Absorption In Meditation

The connection in Raja Yoga meditation is not only with the original self but also with God. During meditation, the self is absorbed in spiritual peace. For this connection and absorption to take place, the thought cannot be distracted, otherwise a short circuit occurs and the energy flow from the Supreme to us stops because the thought has become disconnected from the socket.

The human soul plugs into the unlimited pure energy reservoir of the Highest Being in the entire Universe, often called God. This Being is a reserve player (just like there is one in a cricket or football team) throughout the cycle of time, existing beyond time and matter. God is beyond the effect of pollution and decay which every human soul experiences sometime or the other. When we need to clean out our minds, re-energize, or refill ourselves with power, we have to tap into that Reservoir and we can only do that through our thoughts.

If the thought is concentrated enough, the mind is able to go beyond the ordinary, absorb the qualities of that Being and experience the meaning of inner perfection and liberation. Accordingly, we concentrate, connect and absorb pure energy into the self. The deeper the concentration, the greater the absorption in the self of the qualities radiated by God.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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