Monday, September 10, 2012

Determination saves wastage of time.

Message for the day 

Projection: The one slogan that is good to remember is 'Now or never'. If we are not able to use the thought we have immediately we will never be able to, because the strength of the thought begins to gradually reduce till it doesn't seem important anymore. Also there might not be enough time for us in the future.

Solution: Let me think of something that I want to do and I need to take a thought, 'if I do it now it will happen or it can never happen.' When I think in this way I will not postpone but do what is required immediately.

Soul Sustenance 

Do Love And Suffering Go Hand-In-Hand? (cont.)

We have the inner belief that love, worry, fear and suffering go together. It is difficult to transform (change) fear until we eliminate that belief. You are love and you need to share that love. Life is a sharing of love, it is loving the body, loving oneself, loving others, loving God, loving nature, loving work. That energy of love in the end purifies us and helps us to go forward. But while the belief exists that love has to be linked to fear and suffering, we will be blocked and will put a brake to the flow of pure love. In the name of love, we worry, we suffer and we are afraid. Instead of helping from a place of freedom in love, we help out of worry and fear, and in doing so we stifle, control, depend, and the other person feels their inner freedom restricted. We do not let them be.

If we review our personal life and see the moments when we have experienced most pain in our lives, we realize that it is with the people we have most loved, and that have most loved us that we have suffered most. We experience pain in a relationship of love, where there is possession, control, submission and dependence. Other times the pain is caused by a loss that generates an inner emptiness. That person filled me, they gave me wholeness, they were the reason for my existence and now they have either left me or they have gone. In the second case, we wouldn't say that they "have died", but rather that they have gone to another level of existence i.e. the soul has taken a new physical costume.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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