Friday, September 7, 2012

To change others with love is maturity.

Message for the day 

Projection: To have love for others is to have good wishes for them. When we are mature we understand that our desire to change others would be for their good and not for our own selfishness. Then others will quickly respond to our unselfish love and we'll find them changing.

Solution: Let me think of one person I want to bring about a change in. Before I think of changing that person let there be a lot of love for that person in my mind. Also let me make sure in my mind the change I want in the other person is for his own good and not for my own selfish reason.

Soul Sustenance 

Exercise On Self Discovery (cont.)

Think about which qualities you need to possess as a professional or as a homemaker e.g. qualities of a team leader in a corporate organization would be: efficiency, responsibility, focus, precision, determination, etc. Then, leaving aside the professional aspect, explore your basic, innate qualities. Reflect on your inner and spiritual values. Which values make you happy? Look deep into your inner self. Take some time in this and note down three of these essential values in your life. What conclusion have you come to? What are these values?

The more we really understand ourselves, with our defects, weaknesses, virtues and values, the better our relationships will be with others. We will understand when they have little understanding of themselves and others. Knowing oneself in-depth, taking into account everything described above as well as in yesterday’s message, requires time, effort, observation and the practice of silence. In silence one can begin a conversation with oneself. In this way we can gradually discover our inner beauty and strength, and be aware of the basis of our value and dignity as human beings. When we relearn to see ourselves with our original qualities and innate values, it is also easier to recognise these qualities in others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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