Thursday, September 27, 2012

Humility enables people to realize their mistakes and correct themselves.

Message for the day

Projection: Real humility results in so much power of truth that we don't need to say anything at all in words. The very power of our inner state of being will make the other person realize the error of their ways.

Solution: While giving directions or corrections to someone, I need to check my own attitude, reminding myself of the humility within and only then say what I have to say. With humility my words will be for their benefit and this will enable them to learn.

Soul Sustenance

God.s Three Roles In The World Drama (cont.)

God As A Sustainer
We need to understand God.s role clearly as a sustainer. We have to understand the difference between physical and spiritual sustenance. We may think that God is the sustainer in the sense that He gives us our goods, wealth, health, food, water, air and so on. If that were so, why should He give more of these things to some and not to others? Why do poverty, starvation and disease exist if God is a sustainer and provider of all in the physical sense?

Whatever I do or do not possess I have earned for myself. It is not God who pays us our salaries. Whatever fruits I earn are the results of my own efforts. As a spiritual sustainer, He fills us with His power and virtues like peace, bliss, purity and happiness. He also shares with us spiritual knowledge and bestows his love and blessings on us, all of which help us in our spiritual effort, so that we can transform (change) ourselves and does not provide us with food and wealth.

(To be continued tomorrow .)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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