Saturday, August 8, 2015

Introspection enables one to be free from the influence of negativity.

Message for the day 08-08-2015

Thought to ponder: Introspection means the desire to be good. Introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart, thus enabling one to activate the inner spirituality. Then all effort made will be towards activating this inherent goodness. And slowly one finds that the behaviour associated with negative traits are no more expressed, as they begin to lose their hold. 

Point to practice: When I am able to introspect and look within, I can find the goodness that is there within me. Because of this, I naturally am free from expectations from others that they should recognize my goodness or consider me good. Instead I find myself content with what I am and continue to bring out the best from within me. I also continue to learn from all situations and experience progress. 

Soul Sustenance 08-08-2015

Believe It Or Not (Part 6)!

We are all today living in a world of multiple identities, multiple governments and also multiple religions and castes, which is a very different set up from the united set up which was the set up of the world in the beginning. Because of this kind of united setup, there was complete peace, love and happiness in that land which we call Jannat or heaven or God’s Garden where deities or devi devtas lived. Some of us, who are very advanced in our lifestyles and are more in tune with our fast paced technology driven lives, doubt the existence of such a world because it is not something we study in our educational curriculum or syllabus. Also, many of us at the Brahma Kumaris, especially those of us who have been brought up in advanced educational and family settings, found it difficult to believe at first in the existence of the world of deities or devi devtas. But after realizing God through the beautiful meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris and developing a lovely and close relationship with God, our beliefs underwent a drastic change and what seemed something out of context earlier to us, suddenly became something we could relate to. Slowly we even went a step ahead by easily believing that this is our story and then becoming 100% sure that it is a hard core reality. Meditation also brought in front of us different sides of God’s personality and as God is called the truth, after realizing this personality of truth and believing that his knowledge about the world history is completely truthful, these facts became a part and parcel of our daily lives. On the other hand other people from similar backgrounds as us who had not experienced this personality found it difficult to believe this knowledge of who we were.

Some people ask us – why did our thought process about the world and its origins as well as its complete history undergo such a drastic change and why did we take up viewpoints which were not part of our belief system earlier? We remain silent, but our eyes tell them that believe it or not the story of the world starts with those who purify themselves now through God’s power and then go on to become deities or devi devtasThe world of deities has existed in the past and is being established again by the Supreme Father or God. This is the birthright of each and every soul in the world and is the property of God, the Supreme Father for all his children.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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