Sunday, August 2, 2015

To sow the right seed of positivity is to reap the sweet fruit of success.

Message for the day 02-08-2015

Thought to ponder: As is our thought, so is our action and so is the result of our action. It is most important to check the quality of the first thought of our day. If the seed of positivity is sown right in the beginning, it becomes easy to deal with the variety that the day brings, and influence it with our own inner positivity. So, right in the morning, it is important to check the quality of my first thought. 

Point to practice: Today I will start my day with a positive thought. I will ensure I sow the right seed in the form of a simple thought like "I am happy today" or " I am going to succeed in all I do" For today I will not let any waste or negative thought influence this seed. I will remind myself, from time to time, through out the day. 

Soul Sustenance 02-08-2015

Taking Charge Of Your Responses In Close Relationships

In relationships with your loved ones, when looking at the other, sometimes positive emotions are generated and sometimes negative. On the one hand, joy, love and happiness is generated on being with them; but then attachment, dependency and expectations are generated. In such situations, you are more focused on others and are always looking at the other person's behavior, you stop seeing yourself and being aware of your reactions and taking the responsibility for the responses that you create. You get frustrated when the other person does not meet your expectations. As you depend on them, if they don't act as you would like, if they don't reach home or call you at the time you would like; all this frustrates you. You radiate this energy to the other:they are not doing what they should be doing and so you feel frustrated and discontented.

All the while that you hold the other one responsible for your frustration, you are not in charge of your own reactions, because you have given power to the other to dominate your emotional world. It is there that you lose your freedom. You lose your freedom because you give to the other, in the name of love, power over your own moods. You allow the other's energy to enter your inner world and cause inside you frustration, bad moods, irritation, sorrow and a mental and emotional dependence where you are constantly thinking about where they are, what they have to do, what they have to say, where they have to go, and all this consumes a lot of your mental energy. Wanting to control the other and the frustration that it brings with it uses up a lot of emotional energy.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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