Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To be powerful is to have the ability to withstand negativity.

Message for the day 05-08-2015

Thought to ponder: When there is power within, I am able to respond in the right way to situations and people. I will be like a hard rock which doesn't allow any water to go within. On the other hand, if I become like a sponge, I will absorb a lot of what others are giving me. If I continue to absorb others' negativity, I would find myself becoming negative too. Since I am taking, they too would continue giving me. 

Point to practice: Today I will be strong. I will take a powerful thought that I will keep it with me through out the day. I am the one who has the power within me to withstand anything that comes my way. When I think this way, I will be able to move forward, learning and discovering something new from within me at every step. 

Soul Sustenance 05-08-2015

Believe It Or Not (Part 3)!

We all respect the devis and devtas who are our ancestors and they are our ancestors in terms of time but in reality, they are our initial roles which we played in the world drama. It may seem difficult to believe, but man came down so much in terms of qualities that today it is difficult for man to believe that the ones he has been worshipping since such a long time is his first, second or third birth or his initial births when he first came down in the world from the soul world to play his part. Today, we are uncertain about who we were in the beginning. God, who has seen the world drama right from the beginning, gives us the knowledge of our original births as deities or devi devtas who were the purest human beings with no trace of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. If we were to believe in the existence of the soul, we would logically realize that the soul comes down in its purity level after many cycles of birth and death. So isn’t it very much believable that we were perfect deities and then we became humans with weaknesses, of today? Today we cannot call ourselves completely perfect unless we are working on ourselves internally to become better human beings. When we believe in rebirth and the soul’s immortality, this knowledge about our earliest births becomes easy to believe.

Right now is the time to remain above the difficulties of the old world when we have lost our purity on the soul level and connect with the Ocean of Purity – God and regain back our initial status which we have forgotten i.e. a status of the devi devtas. You might wonder that how we will be transformed back into them. That is the present incognito task of God and it is souls from amongst us, belonging to different religions, who will take up the responsibility for the purification of the world by changing themselves and starting a new beginning of the world. This will be a beginning before which the more than 7 billion human souls of the world will return to the soul world and souls will come back in small numbers from the soul world and the world will start with the birth of deities or devi devtas on the planet earth, what is called heaven.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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