Thursday, August 27, 2015

To be powerful is to be a support for others at all times.

Message for the day 27-08-2015

Thought to ponder: When we face challenges, we may not look for solutions from others, but we definitely tend to look for support from others. Yet, we find that most people today are unable to give support. We then tend to get disappointed, further increasing our negativity. Yet, we need to understand that each one has their own problems and they too are in some way looking for support. We need to be internally so powerful and self-reliant that we can become a support for others, instead of expecting from them. 

Point to practice: Today I will create a simple practice for myself. At least 5 times today, I will tell myself "I am powerful and self-reliant. I am the master, the creator and this situation is just a creation. So I the master will find a way to maneuver and change the situation". This practice will help me stop expecting from others, not even support. 

Soul Sustenance 27-08-2015

Discovering God (Part 3)

I love God a lot, Thank you God, O God please help me, O God please forgive me, O God where are you, O God please make me healthy, O God please grant me a child, O God please make my mind peaceful, O God please shower my life with success and prosperity, etc. are some of our common cries in God's name. We say and they all reach Him, but do we ever wonder how much God loves us, how much He is ready to help us and grant us all of these desires or help us in bringing them in our lives? Does God help each one of us equally? We know He is impartial and loves each one of us equally but at the same time He is a parent who also knows which children of His are more full of qualities than the others. Also, He knows which children of His from amongst the world population have performed higher karmas or actions in their complete journey of birth and rebirth and who are very very pure and humble, not only in the present but also who have been like that in many many lives. Also, how much do we remember God with a clean heart in our present and how much have we remembered Him in our past births? God knows our present as well as our past equally correctly, on the basis of which He sees us.

There are two sides of God's personality. On the one hand He is loveful and so His love and respect for all His children is equal. On the other side and at the same time, while being lawful, He chooses to be more loveful and respectful for a few, based on all the things He knows about us. Its two sides of the same coin. Both sides are a part of the coin and its only a Supreme Being like God who can keep a balance of both these sides so beautifully. You might question this, but God is commonly a strict being with some souls who are lacking in qualities or whose actions are of a low quality, under the influence of the five vices - lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, which are like Ravana's ten heads. These ten heads are a symbolic representation of five vices in men and five vices in women. Remember Ravana was Ram's enemy, where Ram is a symbolic representation of God. So, if you want your mind to be blessed with the presence of God or Ram inside it, make sure Ravana or the five vices mentioned above are no longer a part of your personality.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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