Friday, August 14, 2015

To see and relate to virtues is the best form of diplomacy.

Message for the day 14-08-2015

Thought to ponder: It is said that we need to be diplomatic while dealing with people. Yet, many feel that being diplomatic, equals to not being honest or truthful. However, the easiest way to be diplomatic is to see and relate to virtues. When I am able to see others' virtues, I am only relating to them with that. There might be weaknesses, but I don't highlight them during my interaction with them. So they too are more comfortable with me.

Point to practice: Today I will look for virtues. Out of all the people, I interact with; I will pay special attention to list out the virtues or specialties of at least three people. Every time I interact with them, I will remind myself of these qualities at least once during the interaction. This practice will help me create a habit of picking virtues. 

Soul Sustenance 14-08-2015

A Beautiful Reunion (Part 3)

At the end of the world drama, with God’s knowledge in our heart, we know that the present moment is the time, when all the accounts of karmas with other souls are getting settled i.e. all the negative that existed between us and other souls in the past will get over by becoming pure and the remembrance of the Supreme. Also, by coming into contact with other souls of the world family with an extremely pure vision in the present, we are creating sanskaras inside us of coming into contact again and again with these souls on a positive note in the births of the next world cycle, which will begin soon after we return to the soul world in the near future and then come down again to play our roles in the world.

Life without the canopy of God and without the sweet and loving relationships of other souls of the world family would be a life lacking enthusiasm. Don’t forget all of us were pure divine beings when we came down from the soul world at different times throughout the world drama, to play our parts on earth. We met different souls of different natures and specialties in our journey. Some of them were our parents at times, some our brothers or sisters and some friends. Sometimes we were male, sometimes female in different births and so were all these relations whom we were close to in different births. Some souls – we regularly came into contact through different relationships and some less. Parents of some births returned as children in different births, friends returned as siblings (brothers or sisters) and more. All this happened regularly. Now, at the end of the world drama, is the time to come together, re-unite and form a garland of pure souls who are children of God, then go back to the soul world and form a garland of pure souls in the soul world around God, the Supreme Soul and then come down to the world of happiness and play our roles as a garland of pure and divine human beings which are our future roles.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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