Saturday, August 1, 2015

To understand the uniqueness of each and every role is to be strong.

Message for the day 01-08-2015

Expression: Each and every person has a unique role to play in the drama of life. There ought to be variety. So, not all will behave like I want them to. If someone is playing a negative role in my life, I need not worry as I get to play the hero. 

Experience: Today I will watch with detachment the drama of life that is unfolding around me. Each and every scene is being played to enrich my experiences and make me powerful. I am the hero actor in this wonderful play. 

Soul Sustenance 01-08-2015

Relationship With The Unconditional Source

There is one point of being in the universe who is not conditioned by any need, want or desire. Since He does not want anything, everything belongs t0 Him, but not in the sense of owning and controlling. Rather, all things naturally are attracted to the Unconditional Source (God) simply because pure love is given freely to all who come close. They feel that He selflessly serves, sharing all that He is, all that He has. Like a radiant Magnet beyond the limits of time and matter, beyond give and take and beyond measurement and calculation, the Source attracts all because nothing is desired and all is given.

The love of the Unconditional Source is like spiritual sunlight. It is selfless, complete in itself: it always adds and never subtracts. What is unconditional is always cherished to the point of worship, which is why the entity God is respected and idolized in all parts of the world. Spiritual light from the Source reveals to us our forgotten realities, our hidden potential and our original goodness. It reveals our true selves. Then, if we wish, we can nourish and develop that awareness, but only if we maintain an open channel of communication with the Source. Otherwise, the current either short circuits, cuts, blocks, or discharges in other directions and, after a while, there is a blackout!

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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