Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One's interaction with others is the biggest test to know what to check and change.

Message for the day 25-08-2015

Thought to ponder: How people behave with us is a true indication of what our personality is. If most of the people are being negative to me, then definitely I need to check myself. Because, others become a mirror for us to see how we are. Physically too, most people have the habit of checking in the mirror to see if they are alright and if they are not, they bring about a change. In the same way, other people's response becomes an indication for us to know where I need to bring about a change. 

Point to practice: Today I will take criticism as an indication of what I need to bring about a change in myself. When someone says something about me, especially if it is repeatedly coming to me from more than one source, I will see what aspect I need to change. I need to first check what really in me is drawing that criticism. Then I need to bring about that change. 

Soul Sustenance 25-08-2015

Discovering God (Part 1)

When remembering God in our daily lives, we need to sometimes stop and look inwards and ask ourselves that do we remember His complete personality. That means do we, while remembering Him, relate to Him in various different ways and also do we remember His different roles and responsibilities for which He is remembered all over the world. E.g. do we remember God as only the Supreme Father or do we also sometimes see Him as an extremely loveful mother, the One who sustains us with His love and is extremely forgiving while seeing our mistakes? Or, do we remember God only as a strict parent, the One who judges and punishes but forget that He is the Ocean of Mercy also? Or, do we remember God as the Ocean of Peace and Love but not as an Ocean of Power, by connecting with whom, we can overcome all our weaknesses and become as strong as Him? Also, do we remember God just as a Teacher, who gives us knowledge and not as a Guru, who can purify us so much that all our sins of many lives, performed because of ignorance, can be cleaned by His remembrance? Also, do we remember God as someone from whom we can absorb qualities and powers only or someone from whom we can learn the secrets of how the soul functions and how it plays its different roles in the world drama? The list is endless of what I could be missing while trying to discover God and His personality.

Just as in pure worldly relationships between humans, unless we have known a person for long and know all aspects of his personality, which we commonly call nature, we are not able to have a close relationship with him. That relationship could be your parent or a very close friend or even an office colleague. Also, one person can be someone with whom we are so close that being with him, gives us the joy of all worldly relationships. There can be one person in your life who is like your parent, as well as a friend as well as a teacher and also like a guru, but all of them are not the Supreme or they are not completely perfect. In the same way, God is one, but can play different roles and relationships at the same time, but He is the Supreme or perfect in all these relationships. This is the beauty of God.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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