Saturday, August 15, 2015

To be alert is to constantly have an attention to check and change.

Message for the day 15-08-2015

Thought to ponder: When someone is recording something, there is a constant attention to do the best. After a bit is recorded, they would recheck and see if everything is ok or if it can be better. In life too, we are trying to record the best. For each and everything that happens, when I have attention on myself, I can make it better each time. I just have to have the attention to check and then bring about the required change. 

Point to practice: Today I will pay special attention to the actions that I do. After the action, I will look back and see if I could have done it in a better way. Also, at the end of the day, before I go to sleep, I will look back at the day and review all that happened. This practice of checking and changing helps me to be prepared to face everything that comes my way. 

Soul Sustenance 15-08-2015

A Special Message On Independence Day

Today our mind appears to be dependent on people and situations for how it feels. We are living as victims and slaves to situations and people's behaviours. Are we really independent, or living a life of complete dependency, where a single word from a close one can leave us in pain for hours or even years. When there is an external stimulus, a situation or someone's words, we react automatically without being fully aware of the choices we have to respond or of the consequences of our reactions. We think on an autopilot and then blame others for how we feel.

Freedom is being capable of choosing our thoughts and feelings and responding in every situation without being conditioned by external factors or the negative tendencies of our personality.

In-Dependence means dependent only on the One Inside. Dependent on the qualities of the inner being, Soul, the qualities of love, peace, power and purity. The more we start using our qualities and strengths; we will experience liberation from hurt, anger and pain. The more we become In-Dependence, our dependence on outer situations and people will start reducing. We will become the master of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. We will take complete responsibility of how we are feeling and not blame anyone for it. This is Swarajya, which means Swa(Self) par Rajya (ruler), ruler over the self, ruler over the mind and sense organs. Each of us has the power to experience this Swarajya.

Today, let's free ourselves from our old patterns of thinking and behaving, clean past hurt, resolve conflicts, let go of everything that we have held on to which only addicted us to pain.

Freedom is just one thought away. Let's create that thought today.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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