Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detachment brings the power of realisation, which enables recognition of one's mistakes.

Message for the day 

Projection: Detachment means to be detached from our old ways of thinking and habits. When we are detached, we have the power of realisation, which enables us to correct our mistakes without giving excuses. If not we'll just continue to prove to ourselves and to others that we are right even if we are not.

Solution: When someone points at my mistake, it is good to get detached from my old nature and ask myself if there is anything that I can do to correct myself. When I am able to do this I get the power to learn and continue to improve myself with every criticism that comes my way.

Soul Sustenance

Perfecting The Art Of .Detached Involvement. In Relationships 

Perfecting the art of .detachment involvement. is a necessity if we are to meditate successfully. But a newcomer to meditation might wonder how can we become detached? Don.t we have to run our homes and offices and interact with people even if we are practicing meditation? Then does detachment not mean that we are withdrawing from our relationships and becoming .cold.?

In almost all spiritual paths right through the passage of time a lot of significance has been given to the practice of detachment. This is simply because one of the deepest habits all souls have developed in the cycle of birth and rebirth is attachment and we don't realize that whatever we become attached to becomes a trap for our consciousness, for the self, which causes the creation of fear inside us.

So then how do we know that we are attached to someone or something? We know that we are attached when we start thinking about someone or something when they are not present with us and when there is no need to think about them. Sometimes realizing and sometimes without us realizing consciously at that time, our mental energy is being drained and we do not have control over our thoughts and feelings. Whenever we become attached to anything, we automatically invite fear to be present, whether it is to people, objects, position, power, money or even an opinion. Any form of attachment means there will be a fear of damage or loss. Fear then takes many forms like worry, anxiety and stress as it hinders our spiritual growth. Where there is fear, love cannot exist. Detachment is the foundation if we are to remain positive, fearless and loving towards others while interacting with them. This is known as .detached involvement..

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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