Monday, November 26, 2012

To have the art of lightening the environment is to be specially loved.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has mastered the art of lightening the environment is able to create a positive impact wherever he goes. His words and behaviour constantly enrich the environment around and create lightness in each and everyone. So such a person is specially loved, winning the good wishes of all.

Experience: When I am able to be a master of everything around me, I am able to experience lightness. It is this inner lightness that enables me to contribute to the external lightness too. Thus I am able to be the best and do the best, however difficult the circumstances may be.

Soul Sustenance 

The Soul Journey 

A common question asked by many is – “Do we go back to the soul world, the incorporeal world (non-physical world), the home of all souls, when we die?” When we understand and experience ourselves as souls, as un-destroyable, eternal beings, we realize that death is only a physical phenomenon. At the death of the body, the soul enters another physical costume and a new chapter in its journey of life begins. Depending on the soul's ‘karma’ performed through the body, its new birth is likely to be somewhere in the company of those souls with whom it has been close in previous births. It is quite a paradox that when a soul leaves a body, the relations which it has left, mourn over the loss of their loved one, and the new relations which it gets attached to celebrate with happiness, over an addition of a new-born entrant in their family.

The soul only leaves the home (the soul world) once in a unique, personal journey. This journey of the soul is not linear i.e. a straight line, with a beginning and an end. But, on the other hand, it is cyclic i.e. a circle, with neither a beginning, nor an end – although both leaving the soul world and going back to the soul world happen once each in every cycle. This soul journey can be compared to actors who leave home to go to the theatre to play their parts. They change costumes between scenes - they don't return home at the end of each scene, they return home when the play is finished, only to return the next day to repeat their part in the play. Each birth of the soul that it takes can be compared to a new scene of the play, which consists of many different scenes.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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