Thursday, November 1, 2012

The one who is simple is the one who is free from pain.

Message for the day

Projection: When I am simple I am able to be free from pain or hurt even in adverse situations. I am able to take benefit from the wealth of experiences accumulated over the past without feeling the pain. With simplicity I know that I need to remember the past only to the extent that I have to learn from it.

Solution: When something goes wrong and I find myself thinking about it again and again, I need to remind myself that all the past experiences are only for me to learn from them. The past is finished and I don't have to undergo the sorrow again thinking about the past repeatedly.

Soul Sustenance

The Key To Mental Freedom . Spiritual Knowledge

The world is full of many wonders; incredible works of art and architecture, of science and invention, but the greatest of them all by far is the human mind. It is the mind's play that brings about all activity in the human world. The outline of everything people construct is first formed in the mind and then filled in with matter to assume a concrete shape. History, science, culture, trade and commerce, in fact all knowledge and systems of our day-to-day world, are but the projection and fulfillment of thoughts born in the mind. If the mind, by concentrating itself on matter, can bring about such wonders and attain such miraculous physical powers as we have, what can it not attain if it concentrates on itself and on the Supreme!

Disorder and tension on the individual level and as a result on the social level are the result of ignorance of the self and the world around, such that the mind stays without rest. It runs, jumps and churns aimlessly, lashed by waves of feelings and emotions. Like a spider caught in its own web, the individual becomes entangled in nets which are the consequences (results) of this ignorance of the self and the fundamentals of life. When we receive spiritual knowledge from the seed of the tree of humanity, the Supreme Being or God at the present time, we begin an upward journey that takes us through deeper and deeper levels of understanding and experience which create freedom from these nets. This freedom, as a result helps us create a positive future, not only for ourselves but we also take up the responsibility of creating the same for the complete tree of humanity, which is primarily the purpose why God shares this knowledge with us.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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