Saturday, November 3, 2012

Truth brings simplicity.

Message for the day

Projection: When you have the power of truth, you are simple. When there is a connection with falsehood, there is artificiality and complications. If you have the power of truth within you and you are living with it, you will never want to show off, nor would you be dependent on the compliments of others. So life becomes simple and easy.

Solution: If you ever find yourself having waste thoughts because of your expectations from others, ask yourself what you expect from them that you don't have within yourself. The more you learn the art of connecting to your own innate truth, the easier it becomes to keep your life free from complications.

Soul Sustenance

Overcoming Phobias (Fears) Through Meditation

A phobia is an intense (excessive), continuous and illogical fear of an object, situation, activity, person or animal that's generally considered harmless. Accompanying the fear is an excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid what you fear. When facing the object of his/her phobia, the person may experience negative feelings like excessive sweating, poor control of nerves, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, anxiety (worry), etc. In some cases, the avoidance or distress (anxiety) in the feared situation interferes significantly with the person's daily routine, social activities, relationships etc.

By practicing Rajyoga meditation regularly, a person suffering from any type of phobia, can erase (remove) negative thought patterns, which are the main cause of all phobias. It enables him/her to reprogramme his/her flow of mental tendencies.
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