Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To consider oneself a trustee is to use all treasures well.

Message for the day 

Expression: When there is the awareness of being a trustee of God, there is not only recognition but also good use of the internal treasures. These internal treasures are of virtues and specialities. All these are used wisely and well. Such a person is able to be loving and detached at the same time.

Experience: When I have the consciousness of being a trustee, I am able to look within and get in touch with my own internal treasures. It gives me the consciousness of having respect for myself without developing any ego. I have no negative feelings both when these treasures are not used or when situations demand more than what I feel I have.

Soul Sustenance

The Seven Relationships With The Supreme 

Every soul has a close relationship with the Supreme (God), but we simply forget it as we become over-involved in, attached to and distracted by our life on the physical plane and our different relationships with different physical beings during our journey of births and rebirths. Spirituality makes us realize the need of restoring our connection with God, which has either broken or has become loose. It also makes us realize that this connection needs to be a very deep and personal one.

God plays many roles, just as a good parent, being one, but will play many roles while bringing up his or her child. Each role consists of different spiritual characteristics and virtues of God, expressed by Him. Take a few moments to think about the main roles that God plays in our life and identify the main virtues and characteristics which He expresses e.g. in the role of Father He demonstrates the art of living to us and how to perform right ‘karmas’. In the role of Mother he gives spiritual sustenance, in the form of virtues like peace, love and joy to us. In the role of Teacher, he showers us with true knowledge of the spirit or the soul. These are just a few examples. We suggest you do your own thinking about seven different roles that God plays: Father, Mother, Teacher, Guide (or ‘Guru’), Companion (or Beloved), Friend, Child and how he plays them. Once you have done this inner thinking exercise, experience each of these seven roles on each of the seven different days of the week, one role per day. Feel Him being in that role for you and then note what you feel exactly and how you relate to Him. Also identify the spiritual characteristics and virtues that it brings out from within you.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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