Thursday, November 22, 2012

The one who is able to pass things is the one who is able to pass in all situations.

Message for the day 

Expression: When there is the ability to understand the significance of everything that happens and pass by things with lightness, there is also the ability to move forward in spite of difficult situations. So whatever happens, there is the awareness of the resources that are available and use them for further progress. So the one who is able to do this is able to be free from failing in situations.

Experience: Since I am able to pass all the situations with a smile, I pass in the exam of life and get the result of satisfaction. I am not caught up with temporary challenges and situations, but am able to move forward in a powerful way. I use situations for taking me a step ahead.

Soul Sustenance

Carrying Feelings Experienced In Meditation Into My Interactions 

If I keep close contact with my internal self, to check what my feelings are like and I maintain the ‘meditative’ awareness at many moments during the day, even if it is for very short periods of time, I will find that the good feelings I have experienced through conscious choice, in meditation, I carry them with me into my interactions with others. Then, in any exchange, although the other person's thoughts, words or actions may not be as I would like them to be, I'll be better equipped to maintain a good feeling towards that individual, and towards myself.

For example, I meditate in the morning and then leave home and find myself in a situation in the office where two of my colleagues are arguing over an issue. When I try and intervene, one of them gets aggressive with me as well, but the feelings of peace I experienced in my meditation a couple of hours ago are still with me, using which I do not reacting angrily or fearfully. In fact, if my peace is powerful enough, it will make the other one also peaceful.

So the key is to ‘emerge’ and ‘collect’ positive feelings through meditation at regular intervals during the day. And then become a donor of positive feelings to negative situations as discussed above is an invaluable achievement. It is good for my own wellbeing, and for contributing to the creation of a peaceful atmosphere wherever I am, whenever required.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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