Sunday, November 25, 2012

To consider life a journey is to constantly move forward.

Message for the day 

Expression: To be on a journey means to be able to put in effort to move forward constantly. The one who is on a journey is able to use his qualities to enrich his own life and contribute to those around too. He is also able to contribute to make each thing better around him. He doesn't stop with temporary obstacles but continues to move forward.

Experience: When I am on a journey I am able to enjoy the journey as much as I am able to appreciate the destination. I can move on tirelessly towards my destination. I experience constant progress and success in everything I do, because there is forward growth in all I do. I am also able to inspire others too.

Soul Sustenance 

Experiencing The Stage Of Being A Detached Observer 

Experience the stage of being a detached observer by gradually creating the following thoughts:

I am aware of the present moment and of time... The whole world is out there... I let go for a moment of what is happening around me... It is as if the world continues to turn, but I have stopped for a few minutes and turned into an observer... Mentally, I take a step back... I look around me as if I were in the inside of a room... the room of my mind... In this place, I can be with myself... at peace... calm... free... Here I do not have pressures, or worries, or fears... Nothing and nobody can influence me... I can think... see things as they really are...
I am sitting like an observer, seeing through two windows... These windows are my eyes... I am not my eyes... I am aware of who is looking through these eyes, a tiny sparkling star like energy, the soul... I am different from everything I am seeing...
I perceive that separation between the observer and the observed... I observe the things that surround me without judging, without analyzing... I simply observe, remaining at peace with myself...
I see this world as a stage of a great unlimited theatre play... each human being is an actor, a soul playing their own role via their physical body... I simply observe from my inner room... things come and go... nothing is permanent... I do not need to worry about anything or anybody...
I let things be... flow... I am at peace... calmed... I share this vibration of peace with all that surrounds me.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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