Friday, November 2, 2012

Greatness is visible in simplicity.

Message for the day

Projection: The simplicity within me brings benefit to many. Simplicity doesn't mean I have to give up all I have, but it only means that I give up the attraction and attachment to whatever I am using. With simplicity my lifestyle takes on an easiness that in itself can be a healing source to those around.

Solution: I need to make the practice of being detached even while using everything. I need not give up anything, but while using everything, I need to remember that what I have is for the use of everyone and not to get dependent on it. When I am detached in this way I will be able to bring benefit to all around me.

Soul Sustenance

Restoring The Mind-Body Balance

Many people are under the impression that the focus of spirituality is only on the mind and the soul, and the physical body is neglected. But that.s not true. Our physical body is essential to our life and the art of living. It is our vehicle and our home. An appropriate balance of diet, sleep, relaxation and exercise is important for the body. However, when we enter the world of spirituality, the main emphasis is on the mind and the soul. This does not mean that we do not value or take care of our body. Without a healthy body, we would not be able to express ourselves mentally or spiritually. Spiritual progress, which includes the listening/studying and imbibing of spiritual knowledge, the practice of meditation, the inculcation of divine virtues and the spiritual service of others through different means is much easier and better with a healthy body.
Unfortunately, though, we have lost the art or wisdom of balance and for very long we have placed too much emphasis on our physical form, the body; and less emphasis on our spiritual form, the soul, as a result, reducing our spiritual awareness. One of the aims of spirituality is to restore this balance between mind and body so that we can experience well-being and happiness at every level. So while our body and our physical energy are essential, the focus of spirituality is on the mind and the soul, to help regain the balance.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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