Monday, August 13, 2012

Faith brings freedom from waste and hence victory is ensured.

Message for the day

Projection: Faith gives the power to do the best, as it gives freedom from wasteful thinking. Hence, all thoughts would be focused only on the task at hand. When we put in our best in this way we'll surely be victorious. 

Solution: Let me think of one task that has been difficult for me. Let me also take a thought in my mind that I will succeed in that task. This one thought will naturally make me free from all negative and waste thoughts and will give me the power to do the best without having to worry about the consequences. 

Soul Sustenance

Thoughts As Energy 

Just as the physical atmosphere is the result of climatic conditions and air quality, there is a subtle (non-physical) atmosphere which cannot be seen, heard or measured but can be experienced and influenced by the mind and analyzed by the intellect. It is variously described as the "prevailing mood", the "vibration" and so on. What is the cause of this non-physical atmosphere, these "vibrations?" 

Thought has been proven to be a powerful yet non-physical "energy", which can influence other souls and matter. Thoughts, emotions, desires and moods generate a "field" around the soul, just like an electric field, can be called positive, negative or neutral, depending on the quality of its effect on other souls and on matter. When a large number of souls are all experiencing positive thoughts, feelings and emotions, then the atmosphere becomes "charged" with positivity. When they are experiencing negative emotions, the opposite happens. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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