Friday, August 10, 2012

To have self-respect is to provide an environment of freedom for all.

Message for the day

Projection: The more respect is measured on the basis of something external, the greater the desire for recognition from others. On the other hand, true self-respect comes from an appreciation of our inner qualities. This then keeps us free from expectations and we will be able to provide an environment of freedom for each one's growth. 

Solution: I need to start the day with a thought that brings self-respect. I need to tell myself that I am special and also use this speciality throughout the day. I will then not dominate or limit the freedom of anyone but will naturally treat with humility. 

Soul Sustenance

Stress Management 

Standing Back, Observing and Steering - 

Standing Back: We can do this individually or as a team, when stressful situations occur. We may take a few minutes to stand back mentally and physically from the situation or scene. 

Observing: The next step is to re-view the situation, as if we are an onlooker or a detached observer. Being as silent as possible, we can ask ourselves if the thoughts we are having are the ones we wish to keep, if they are going where we would choose them to. 

Steering: In the resulting silence, it is possible to steer (change direction) our thinking to where we want it to be; perhaps to personal affirmations (positive thoughts) we use to calm us. The affirmations can be: 'I am aware of myself as calm and peaceful' or, ' happy and satisfied, etc. 

This technique changes our attitudes and feelings, which influences positively the situation as well as how others respond. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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