Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The power of determination brings thought into practice.

Message for the day 01-08-2012
The power of determination brings thought into practice. 

Projection: We do have a number of thoughts that we would like to put into practice. Most of the times it doesn't happen that way and they remain merely thoughts. It is necessary to strengthen such thoughts with the power of determination and we will be able to make them practical. 

Solution: Let me think of something that I wanted to do but could not bring into practice. Now let me take this thought once again and see why it is important for me to bring it into practice. Once I understand this I will be able to be determined to put it into practice. 

Soul Sustenance 01-08-2012

The Causes Of Fear (cont.) 

Yesterday we had discussed some of the causes of fear. Some more are: 

. The desire to be recognized, appreciated and valued. 
. Experiences of the past that have produced disappointment, insecurity, worry or emotional or mental exhaustion. 
. Attachments and dependencies generate fear. 
. The habit of seeing situations and people in a negative way. 
. Dishonesty - When you have done things that you know are not right, you know there will be negative after effects, and this provokes fear within. 
. The ego being afraid to 'die'. It justifies itself and resists. We wear masks that cover our true identity. We become selfish. 

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