Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love brings freedom from expectations.

Message for the day

Projection: Love makes us free from expectations, which enables us to accept people as they are. We are then able to understand others' uniqueness and provide them with whatever is necessary for their positive growth. 

Solution: Let me think of one person in whom I am not able to tolerate some quality. I then need to tell myself that just as a mother accepts her child even with weaknesses, I will accept this person as he is. When I change my attitude towards that person I can be free in my mind and give them the freedom to express their uniqueness. 

Soul Sustenance

Understanding What Is An Angel (cont.) 

In Christian mythology, angels are commonly shown as small children with wings . this is symbolic of the fact that angels are very innocent and pure, untouched by vices like anger, greed, lust, ego, hatred, jealousy, etc. (so are children). The purity of an angel is depicted in mythology in the form of an aura of subtle light or a halo around the head. 

An angel.s love for humanity is unlimited, yet it is completely detached as the Supreme. An angel experiences that whatever comes through it in the form of thoughts, words or actions has the effect of blessing other souls, as if it is able to perceive or judge immediately or instinctively what each soul needs and cater to their needs. This act of blessing others is depicted in the form of a magic wand. Angels are commonly shown with magic wands in their hands, with which they shower blessings on others. 

An angel.s thoughts, words and actions are all serving others. An angel is a lighthouse, mighthouse, connected with the Supreme; it radiates the spiritual rays of light and might, the love, peace, happiness and power of the Supreme Soul, to others. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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