Thursday, August 2, 2012

To experience peace is to be in one powerful stage.

Message for the day 02-08-2012
To experience peace is to be in one powerful stage. 

Projection: The more the thoughts we have, the lesser the peace that is experienced in the mind. When we are able to maintain a powerful thought throughout the day whatever the situations come our way we can experience constant peace. 

Solution: Right in the morning let me take a thought that is positive and powerful. For example, 'victory is my birthright' or 'I am always fortunate'. Whatever the situations I come across, let me emerge this thought and I will be able to maintain peace. 

Soul Sustenance 02-08-2012

Different Forms Of Anger 

Depending on our basic belief system, past experiences and perception (understanding) of the present situations we are in, anger takes different forms, which emerge in our mind and get communicated to others through our behaviour: 

1. Irritation 
You create this when day-to-day events don't happen fast enough e.g. your flight gets delayed, you are made to wait in a queue, etc. 
2. Frustration 
You create this when events don't occur as per your desires and expectations. 
3. Grudge 
You create this when you believe that you have been wronged by someone in the past. 
4. Resentment 
You create this towards those that you think have insulted or offended you or when you are jealous of someone. 
5. Hatred 
You create this following your deep disapproval of another's actions. 
6. Rage 
You create this following the build up of anger normally in response to others' actions, which you label as obstructive or interfering, e.g. road rage. 

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