Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Introversion helps to get in touch with one's own perfect divine self.

Message for the day

Introversion helps to get in touch with one's own perfect divine self. 

Projection: Introversion means to spend time in silence, enabling us to get in touch with our inner divine self. It helps us to go within and recognize our inner own inner truth. It is not just to stay within but to recognise one's own inner worth and deal with the world with it. 

Solution: Even during the worst situations, it is necessary to become introverted, look within myself and see my own inner worth. I will then naturally be able to maintain my self-respect, having connected to my inner divinity. This enables me to be stable and happy, whatever the situation might be. 

Soul Sustenance

Are You A Compulsive Complainer? 

We live in a world full of imperfections, and, luckily, we are not perfect either. Luckily, because being imperfect offers us the possibilities of learning, change and hope. It inspires us to make an effort and it prevents us from getting bored. However, for the one who complains it seems that the world should be perfect. With such a habit it becomes something natural to think how things should or shouldn't be or could or could not be. 

When you complain, your energy and clarity reduce and your unhappiness increases. You don't accept what there is or what is, as it is. Your complaints lead you to criticism and to useless gossip. In these kinds of conversations time and energy are lost and mistrust and unhappiness are generated. Relationships are harmed and then require a good investment of time and energy to get back the lost trust. 

Someone who complains regularly expects the world to make them happy and the Universe to dance to their music. As things are almost never as they want, they are in a state of constant complaint. They don't realize that happiness comes from within and is cultivated within. They expect situations and others to make them happy. And, as this does not happen, they complain constantly. 

The person who often complains feels disappointed and gets discouraged. They feel that they cannot do anything to change what they would like to change. They feel weakened inside. 

(To be continued tomorrow .) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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