Thursday, August 23, 2012

Real sweetness is based on truth.

Message for the day

Projection: Real sweetness is living on the line of truth, where we are able to see what is really happening away from the show of words. When we are working on our inner sweetness, we can never be cheated by any situation. Time doesn't teach us to change, but we are able to bring about a change in time.

Solution: What I need to do is to understand the uniqueness of my life and base it on this truth. Knowing that my life has its own unique purpose and meaning will enable me to enjoy the greatness of life adding sweetness to it.

Soul Sustenance 

Resolving Conflicts in Relationships (cont.)

During a conflict, it is good to realize that the energy that you put into the conflict will possibly be the quality of energy that you will receive in return. This is the law of reciprocity (cause and effect). On a subtle level, we radiate according to our attitude, and on a physical level, we radiate according to our behavior. What we transmit on a subtle or/and physical level will return to us in a similar way; unless the 'other' is 'wiser' and decides not to give us back the same negative energy, but rather to treat us in exchange with a positive attitude and pro-active behavior. That way, that person won't bring about a dependence inside us, but rather they will help us to free ourselves of our own negativity.

Often, conflict between two people happens because we do not get the result in a relationship that we want; we are stuck to getting a specific result and we allow our happiness to depend on getting it. On not getting it, we use a wrong method; we generate a conflict, we feel ourselves to be victims, we blame the other, we project our pain onto them; all of this under the belief that others - the other - is who makes us happy or unhappy. This is a false belief.

When your happiness depends on your expectations being fulfilled, it is difficult to be happy in a constant way. Often expectations are disguised desires, and where there are desires there is fear - the fear of not getting what you want. When you don't get it you get unhappy and, in so doing, you keep happiness away from you. It is good to set yourself goals of peaceful relationships, but if they are not fulfilled or if these goals take time to achieve, don't lose your sense of wellbeing. Your happiness is a much more valuable treasure than the external achievement of your expectations and of those that others have of you.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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