Saturday, August 25, 2012

To forgive oneself is to move forward with lightness.

Message for the day

Projection: When we make a mistake, the usual reaction is to feel guilty about it. Consequently there is a lot of heaviness, which will not let us make the best use of the time in our hands. We will only be caught up in the past and not be able to make full use of the present. So it is important to be light yet not be careless.

Solution: When I do something wrong, all I have to do is to find out the weakness that is working behind my mistake. Then I will be able to learn from it. When I do this I will be able to forgive myself and use every incident that happens as a gift for my progress. I will then never be stuck, but will be able to move forward with lightness.

Soul Sustenance

Analyzing Success And Failure (cont.)

For many, society has conditioned us to look for success through the path of our career, achievements, profits, praise, financial wealth etc. That way, we have learned a narrow view of success. Running in search of this kind of success and pursuing it, we come to exhaust ourselves, get burnt out and depressed. In order to achieve these successes we have stopped caring for the inner being (the soul) and relationships. That has meant and means stress, pain, anxiety, family break ups, personal and relational disintegrations, the destruction of the environment and planetary and climatic imbalances. As a consequence, we feel empty. Although we achieve the applause, the income and other successes, the soul is malnourished and has the sensation that it is lacking something. Reaching fame, financial wealth, the power of a visible position, and reaching it with a broken soul, broken up family and a sick body, causes depression which explains why, in our recent history, famous people have ended up committing suicide.

If we want to redirect our personal and collective lives toward true wellbeing and wholeness, we have to re-evaluate and redefine our beliefs and factors that lead to success and failure. Before asking yourself what success and failure mean for you, it is important to be clear what context you want success in. Depending on the context, the dimension and the meaning of success and failure will be different. For example, in the work context, a failure will be different to that in the family context. In the personal context or in life in general, the way of perceiving success or failure varies.

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