Monday, August 27, 2012

The one who has love and is able to forgive is the one who brings lightness.

Message for the day

Projection: Love brings the power to forgive. When we love someone it is very easy to forgive even when something goes wrong. Then we are able to do something to better the situation. This environment of lightness based on forgiveness inspires the other person to contribute too. This brings about learning and progress without any feeling of heaviness.

Solution: When I find someone making a mistake, let me remind myself that if I have to help the person progress I have to forgive. Along with it let me learn from the mistake myself and provide an environment of lightness and learning for the other person too. Then the mistake will never be repeated helping him to move forward with lightness.

Soul Sustenance 27-08-2012

Is It Necessary To Renounce (Leave) Society To Experience A Spiritual Lifestyle?

A good meditator is one who has a mental link or union with the internal self and the Supreme Soul or God who is the source of all goodness. This, along with an understanding of the laws of action or the laws of ‘karma’, which govern the behavior of souls, means that one does not have to renounce or leave society in order to achieve enlightenment. Rather, the soul filled with spiritual illumination faces society directly with understanding and the generosity to serve it and to elevate (improve) it.

The soul becomes elevated not by the renunciation of responsibilities or worldly duties but by a renunciation of the negativity that exists within the role being played by it in society. A good meditator does not try to escape social obligations (duties) but rather purifies those duties by becoming filled with light, love, peace and happiness. The stage of self-awareness and God-communication injects a subtle richness into one's life-patterns.

There are those who believe that the elevated state is beyond society and its duties. They find a quiet spot in the jungle or an ‘ashram’ and contemplate (think about) deeper things. There are others who are stuck in the quicksand of their problems, and believe that those who leave society and take up a spiritual lifestyle are saints. However, holiness and virtue are qualities attained in one's life situations, not in running away from them. The elevated state is not merely a matter of elevated thoughts (which can be experienced in a ‘sanyas’), but elevated actions also, for the benefit of the self and the world. We are what we do and not so much what we imagine ourselves to be.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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