Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fearlessness comes when there is the power of truth.

Message for the day

Projection: Fearlessness comes when there is the power of truth within us. When we are constantly truthful, we will have nothing to fear. In all the challenges we face everyday we will be able to maintain our faith and courage because of our power of truth.

Solution: Let me make sure my actions are based on truth and when things go wrong, I will still be able to be fearless. I need to keep reminding myself that I have the power of truth with me and I will be victorious, whatever may be the challenges that come my way.

Soul Sustenance 

The Eternal World Cycle – Explained With A Comparison

All the cycles of nature go from high energy to low energy and back again. An example is the water cycle; rain water falls according to gravity and through rivers continues towards the sea, becoming more and more sluggish (slow) as it reaches the sea. After reaching the sea, the sun (the external "force" in this system) shines on the water and it returns the water to its original high energy state in the clouds from where it falls again and the cycle is repeated.

The water cycle is helpful in understanding the rise, fall and the rise again of human souls. From the clouds, drops of pure water fall on top of a mountain, joining together and becoming a stream dancing happily over the rocks. They are pure at this stage, but not entirely free because they are bound to completing a downward journey towards the sea. That journey goes through many different types of countryside. As the "population" of drops increases (due to rain), the stream grows in size. Bubbling through the rocks it picks up impurities in the form of dissolved salts, and the stream becomes a small brownish river, now no longer dancing happily, but moving sluggishly. As it continues, it grows further in size and becomes slower and heavier. It moves past small towns which pour all their waste into the river, then finally runs through the big cities where all types of chemicals and pollutants join the flow. The river at this stage is totally unrecognizable compared to the beginning of its journey. The original drops are still there, as are the drops that have joined in the journey along the way. The water is no longer pure but polluted and full of dissolved salts and mud. The river finally arrives at the ocean. Fortunately, within this cyclic system there is a means by which the drops are "liberated" by means of evaporation. They "fly upwards" forming clouds, leaving the impurities behind in the ocean. From the clouds, the drops of pure water fall again on a mountain and the cycle repeats.

Tomorrow we shall compare the eternal world cycle with the water cycle explained above.

(To be continued tomorrow…)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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