Thursday, August 9, 2012

To experience divinity is to experience the power of silence.

Message for the day 09-08-2012

To experience divinity is to experience the power of silence. 

Projection: The instrument for the power of silence is to be connected to our own inner divinity. We can spread the fragrance of our virtues to all we meet. So the mind is silent and carefree under all circumstances. When we experience the power of silence we will become more powerful. We will then be able to experience peace that will naturally spread to others too. 

Solution: When I have to correct someone in any situation I first need to remind myself that words will not work but silence based on an experience of my own divinity will surely work. When I accept the person as he is with love connecting to his inherent divine nature, I will be able to bring about a change in him. 

Soul Sustenance 09-08-2012

Are You A Compulsive Complainer? (cont.) 

The person who almost never complains has realized that every time they complain they focus on something negative, and the first person to suffer is, in effect, themselves, since it reduces their energy level and they feel worse. The person who never complains accepts what is as it is, what comes as it comes, and what happens as it happens. However, if they consider that something has to be changed, they put their energy into making it happen. 

Given below is a clear example of the reaction of a compulsive complainer and of someone who never complains in the face of the same situation: 

Two people visit a restaurant for a cup of tea. When the tea arrives, it arrives cold on both tables. The complainer suffers and reacts immediately by making a great complaint to the waiter. He gets into such a bad mood because of the cold tea that it generates a really unhappy feeling inside him. The waiter, of course, gets a bit defensive. The person who doesn't complain does not remain quiet and drink the tea. He calls the waiter and informs him that the tea is cold and asks for it to be warmed. He doesn't get angry or into a bad mood; therefore, he doesn't suffer. He accepts that, at times, such things happen! To inform and ask is not to complain; it is to give feedback and to make a request. The difference between both is the difference between an emotional reaction and a proactive response. 

If there is something that doesn't go as you would like it to go, use mental energy to construct, create, transform or solve but do not complain. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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